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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A Personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who helps people who have been injured as a result of another person’s careless or negligent actions. These attorneys are well-versed in the complexities of the law and understand how to negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that victims receive fair compensation for their losses. They can assist with filing lawsuits, preparing for trial and more.

In general, a personal injury attorney will start by listening to your story. They will ask questions to clarify any points that require further clarification or follow-up. Then they will request a copy of your medical records and reports to verify your injuries, limitations and future needs. They will also review your insurance policies to determine what rights you have to reimbursement.

They will also interview witnesses to determine how the accident happened and what their perspectives were. If you’ve been hurt at work, they may conduct recorded interviews with your supervisor or other company officials. They may also send someone out to the accident site to take photos and document any adverse conditions, such as poor lighting or obstructions that could have contributed to your fall or accident.

If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident or other incident caused by the fault of another party, it can feel like your life has come to a screeching halt. You’re dealing with emergency medical treatment, therapy and a myriad of other issues that affect your daily functioning and peace of mind. While you try to juggle all of these, an experienced New York personal injury attorney will stand in your corner and take over many of the case-related tasks, including negotiating with insurance agencies.

Your attorney will have a good idea of what your claim is worth based on past settlements for similar cases in the area and what your medical experts and other professionals have said about your future needs. They will be able to communicate this clearly to you, so that you can decide what you want to accept or reject.

Insurance companies – whether it’s your own or that of the party that caused your injury – are looking out for their own bottom line and are experts at lowering claims to save money. That’s why you need a skilled, knowledgeable Personal injury lawyer to protect your interests and get you the compensation you deserve.

A good attorney will know how much your case is worth and will not settle for less than that amount. They will be ready to go to trial if necessary, which can add time and expense to your claim. They’ll also have experience handling cases involving complex issues such as statutes of limitations, which can vary by state and type of liable party. They will also be familiar with local court procedures and judges. This can save you a lot of time and stress. Read our articles and resources on Personal Injury to find out more. You can also request a free consultation with a qualified attorney through FindLaw.