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Truck Injury Lawyers

If you suffered an injury or lost your job in a truck accident, a truck injury lawyer can help you seek compensation from the at-fault parties. Your attorney can collect medical records and bills, employment and business records, and other evidence to build a strong case file for you. They can also help you evaluate your losses and the value of your claim. The types of damages for which you can be compensated include medical treatment and bills, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and property damage.

Your lawyer will know the tricks that insurance companies often use to lower your compensation. For example, if an insurer calls you to discuss the accident, they may ask you questions designed to get additional details that could be used against you later. They might say that you are feeling better or have not been hurt as badly as you claim, and try to use this information to reduce your compensation. Your truck injury lawyer can protect you from these tactics and help you to avoid saying anything that could be used against you.

The Karasik Law Group, PC provides legal representation for New York City residents with tort claims arising from truck accidents. The firm has experience pursuing compensation for past and future medical bills, loss of income due to missed work, and general pain and suffering. Its lawyers can also pursue punitive damages from the at-fault party or parties for their negligent actions. They can obtain dashcam, security, and residential or commercial surveillance video, as well as smartphone photos and videos from eyewitnesses.

Those who have sustained serious injuries in truck crashes are often depressed by the physical, emotional, and financial impact of their injuries. These effects are sometimes aggravated by the delay in obtaining appropriate treatment or the frustration of not being able to return to work. They may have to pay for medical treatments and rehabilitate themselves over extended periods of time, which can further depress their quality of life.

An experienced truck injury lawyer can help you identify the liable parties in your case and strengthen your claim by reviewing truck maintenance records, cargo manifests, delivery schedules, and driver logbooks. They can also hire expert witnesses to support your case, including subject matter experts in the trucking industry. They can also conduct interviews with witnesses to gather evidence and build a persuasive case for you.

Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC represents individuals in tort claims arising from truck accidents. The Brooklyn-based firm has handled cases involving hit and run and aggressive driving, as well as those caused by defective parts and unsafe trucks. Its counsel has over a decade of experience representing injured persons and their families in New York. Its attorneys can negotiate with the at-fault parties to secure compensation for medical bills, loss of income, and disfigurement. They can also help you obtain workers’ compensation benefits, if necessary. The firm offers consultations at home or in the hospital and provides services in Spanish and Russian.