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We’re here to help you find the perfect ring for you and your unique style. Our bespoke process allows us to design and build a piece of jewelry made for you alone. Our ring designer Page is highly skilled and intuitive, able to translate your ideas and vision into a beautiful and unique ring that will stand out in any crowd.

Whether you are looking for a timeless heirloom or a bold statement ring, we have the expertise to create a piece that fits you perfectly. We offer a wide variety of precious metals and diamond cuts, styles and sizes to choose from. We work with you to select the perfect center stone for your ring and then create a ring setting that will complement it. We also offer a variety of bands and accents to complete your ring.

Check Out Our Ring Collection

We carry a range of designer engagement rings Check Out Our Ring Collection! by Tacori, Henri Daussi, Verragio, Coast, and Michael M to name just a few. Explore modern, vintage and classic designs that are handcrafted with exceptional quality and comfort.

Our artisan-crafted rings will inspire you and your significant other with a sense of carefree elegance or romantic exuberance. Choose a ring from the TACORI Simply collection to experience a streamlined and sophisticated aesthetic, or discover a more dramatic look with a ring from the RoyalT line. We also carry a range of unique rings by Henri Daussi that showcase a more contemporary style. Alternatively, discover the exquisite craftsmanship of a Henri Daussi Neon Crisscut ring and its mesmerizing sparkle.

You may have been lucky enough that your significant other has hinted at the type of ring they would like or even shown you their exact dream ring! If you’re struggling, try taking note of their jewellery draw or ask a close friend for their insight. We also suggest you take into account their lifestyle and what kind of activities they regularly engage in, as these factors will influence how the ring is worn.

If your significant other loves to be outdoors, for example, a ring that will be easily worn while hiking or climbing could be ideal. Our custom jewelry specialists will work with you to craft a ring that will be comfortable and durable in the most active of settings. We have a range of different materials to choose from, so we can create a ring that will be both comfortable and strong. Depending on the material you select, you can also add accents or textures to your ring for extra flair. We also have a variety of engravable rings that you can personalize with meaningful words in your preferred font or in custom Elvish to commemorate a special occasion.